More Bad News from Cannes: 365 Million AED Stolen!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I posted after the Tiffany's robbery last month on how jewelry stores can take simple and smart steps to tighten security at their stores. I guess no one got the memo.

Jewelry retailers need to up their security game as yet another heist in the French Riviera makes international news.

A lone gunmen stole $50 Million worth of diamonds and other gems during an exhibition by jewelry icon Leviev. The robbery happened Sunday at the Carlton Hotel in Nice. Police told CNN the amount could reach $136 Million, as the damage is further assessed. No suspects have been identified thus far as the robber's face was concealed by a hat and scarf.

This is the third Cannes robbery since May, which is devastating. But what's more worrisome is that witnesses say there were guards in lobby but they were, get this, UNARMED! Why the hell wouldn't you arm the security guards?

I find that extremely unprofessional behavior from the hotel and the jeweler. Not to mention a bit fishy... you have millions of dollars worth of bling displayed in hotel lobby (where everyone can come and go) with no security? AND after several heists occurred only a few months before in the same city? Come on, now...

Check out this report from CNN, which is laden with 1950's movie references to make this retarded act seem glamorous.

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