Chopard to Be the Official Jeweler of Princess Diana's Biopic... Images Leaked!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Chopard was in the news recently after the high-profile heist at the Cannes Film Festival. And now they are in the news again, but with much better news.

As you all probably heard, Naomi Watts is portraying the Princess of Whales in the biopic, Diana. The wordless movie trailer alone will give you goose-pumps and make your heart melt.

The director, Oliver Hirschbiegel, focused the movie on the last few years of her life. So we will see a lot of the adoration she got from the public as well as her much scrutinized relationship with millionaire Dodi Fayed (check out pictures of  the final hours before the crash).

The movie is due in September and news just got out that Chopard will be the official jeweler.

That means lots of beautiful and over-priced bling. I have a feeling we will see the same designs copied by every fashion house in the world and they will probably be stylish must-haves within a week of the release (Just like the Tiffany/Great Gatsby craze that swept the world a few months ago).

Here are some movie stills released just yesterday.

The resemblance between Watts and the People's Princess is just uncanny.

Your turn... Do you think the Chopard bling from the movie will hit main street? How do you feel about Watt's portrayal of the Princess?


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