Bloggers You Should Know: Nadya Hassan

Friday, April 12, 2013

As a blogger, I know first-hand how hard it is to maintain and entertain an audience. That's why I love writing about bloggers who have become a success in their field. One of the best examples is Nadya Hassan. She's a petite fashionista with style and panache that keeps you coming back for more.

She launched The Fierce Diaries in 2010 as a school project and quickly found success as a leading Emirati fashion blogger and trend-setter. Her blog is so popular that it's rated as one of the Top 10 Blogs in the Middle East! She also recently won the 2013 Grazia Award for the Best Style Blogger, an honor only enjoyed by a select few.

The most prominent characteristic of her style is her ability to mix high-end fashion with vintage pieces and products from lesser-known designers. This makes her a lot more relatable than other fashionistas who simply showcase the most expensive clothes, shoes and accessories.

We at Lavalier Dubai are proud to be featured in one of her more recent photo-shoots and we must confess that she is seriously rocking one of our best sellers: The Gold Spike Tribal Necklace.

The Fierce Nay Wearing Lavalier... Shop the Trend

The Fierce Nay Wearing Lavalier... Shop the Trend

The Fierce Nay Wearing Lavalier... Shop the Trend

The Fierce Nay Wearing Lavalier... Shop the Trend

Jewelry For a Good Cause: Angelina's New Collection Betters the Lives of Afghan Girls

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Love her or hate her, Angelina Jolie has exerted some serious effort trying to help the impoverished and downtrodden.

Some of her lifestyle choices may be odd to some (like adopting kids left and right, making out with her brother and stealing a married man) but the actress has been doing her part in bettering the lives of children all over the world.

Her latest venture focuses on Afghanistan, where the plight of women and children has been categorically ignored even though it’s verging on a human rights catastrophe.

Jolie opened an all-girl school on the outskirts of Kabul where more than 300 students will attend. The project was funded by her Style of Jolie jewelry collection which she launched with Robert Procop, a famous designer and gem expert. All proceeds from the sale of these beautiful pieces will go towards this school and other various projects.

Here are some startling facts about being a woman in Afghanistan:

  • More women die in pregnancy and childbirth than almost anywhere else in the world. 1 in 50 women will die during pregnancy or childbirth—one every 2 hours.
  • 9 out 10 women are illiterate.
  • Women have more than 5 children on average, yet 1 out 10 children die before their fifth birthday.
  • Life expectancy is 44, one of the lowest in the world.
Here are some of my favorites

Style of Jolie Jewelry

Style of Jolie Jewelry

Style of Jolie Jewelry

Style of Jolie Jewelry
Style of Jolie Jewelry

The Best Consignment and Pre-Loved Online Shops

Thursday, April 4, 2013

I must admit, aside from spending money maintaining and growing my online shop in Dubai, I spend a lot of time shopping. My biggest weakness? Designer bags!

I am now considering a new Chanel but I realized that 15,000 AED (or $4,000) is way too steep a price tag for a silly purse! At the end of the day, I am like most people and I  grow bored wearing the same thing and so the bags almost always end up in their dust bags at the back my closet.

That's why I am looking into buying used designer handbags in hopes of getting a good deal so I can enjoy the totes without breaking the bank. I also would like to sell or consign my old bags to make some quick cash. Consignment basically means that a shop will post your product on their site or have their product in-store but you will only be paid when the item sells. Some offer to buy the item from you and then sell at their own price.

Thus, I have compiled the below list of online shops that have a wide array of reasonably-priced bags in good condition. If you've purchased designer items from any of the below stores, tell us in the comments section! We would love to hear from people with first-hand experience.

WARNING: Do not purchase from a site that looks shady! Nine times out of ten they are selling knock offs and passing it off as the real thing. Always do as much review as possible before making a purchase. I always use Scam Adviser to authenticate websites before making any purchase online.

The Luxury Closet
This is my favorite pre-loved designer bag online store in Dubai. They offer a wide array of pre-loved handbags and shoes Although I never bought anything from them, I tested them using my handy online shopping security checklist. Their customer service is quick to respond, but only when you call them on their 800 number. They offer live chat but I waited about 15 minutes for them to respond to my query. The prices are pretty decent and you can even pay in installments. In terms of shipping, you can pay an extra cost for delivery or you can pick up the item from their shop free-of-charge. You can also consign your bags on their site and the profit will be split 70%(you) and 30% (them). Their guarantee is they will make a sale for you within 90 days. To learn more about selling your used designer bags, click here.

The Closet Online Shop
This is a great site as well. They have everything from pre-loved shoes, wallets and handbags. I love how sleek the website is and it's fairly easy-to-use.

Toujour Chic
I follow this site on Instagram but they fail to update their website regularly and their collection isn't as vast as the others.

Ma Pochette
This website allows you to buy or rent designer bags. Not the best looking website, but does the job.

This is America's best known pre-owned website. It has a huge number of items but they are pretty expensive. The website is east to browse and the pictures are high-def so you can really see what you are buying. Shipping to the UAE is about 185 AED ($50) and don't forget for anything about 1,000 AED, you have to pay a 5% customs tax.

Yoogi's Closet

Luxe Designer Handbags

Chanel & More

Consign of the Times


Brand Souk

Brand Shop Tokyo

Let us know what you think of buying used and share your experience with us!