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  1. I would like to submit a review for Bagaholics

    I ordered Lanvin Happy Large Tote from them and this is my structured review

    Correspondence: They were quick to answer to questions asked via their website. Although there were some issues to be discussed below.
    Payment Safety: They accept Credit Card checkout within their site and did not request me to scan or fax any sensitive information to them.
    Product/Quality: The bag is purely original. Without any flaws and just too classy.
    Shipping: Took 6 Days for the bag to arrive via EMS
    Order Processing: It took them 2.5 weeks to complete my order. I wish they had communicated to me what was going on. Coincidentally, within that 2 week period, the C-Bags listed in their site were removed. So perhaps they held back all orders so they can fully deal with C-Bags issue. I just wish the communicated this in a much better way. Ultimately, I got my bag, and in order to make amends they also offered me a discount towards my next purchase for which I am glad.
    Recommendation: I would recommend them based on the above facts. They just need to pull their socks in terms of notifying customers about reason behind order delays. Otherwise they are completely legitimate. I will order from them a second time again and give another review since at times shopping experience with particular retailers can vary over time.

    1. Thanks for the review and sorry it took me so long to get back to you!!

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