Jewelry Hacks You Need to Implement Right Now

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Owning an online jewelry boutique in Dubai is a lot of fun... until you get to the part where you have to organize, store and find jewelry when someone places an order.

The biggest issue I face is knotted necklaces. I place them neatly and separately almost everyday but somehow, they manage to get closer together and tangle in ways you wouldn't believe.

So, I found ways to fix the issue without spending an arm and a leg and my life has gotten so much easier.

In It To Pin It: Buy, or make your own, felt board. Use t-pins or cute push-pins to hang your jewelry.

Straws: This hack will make it physically impossible for necklaces to tangle.

Cheap & Effective: Mount a cutlery tray on a wall to see jewelry easily.

Use old bottles to fasten your bracelets in the right place. 

Your turn! Share your best jewelry hacks in the comments sections below or tag your pictures using #lavalierdubai on Facebook and Instagram.


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