Jewelry Inspiration Straight from the Catwalk: Dior 2013

Thursday, July 25, 2013

For some reason, I never thought of buying fine or costume jewelry from places like Dior or Fendi.  Not only are they generally over-priced, but high-end brands should stick to what they do best: clothes, bags and shoes. Leave the jewelry-making to the jewelry-makers.

And when I say over-priced, I mean selling pieces for a ridiculous amount of money. A pair of vintage (aka. USED!) Chanel earrings will set you back 2,200 AED. That's 700 USD for something GOLD PLATED.

Even though I would never buy from them, I do like to check out their latest arrivals for inspiration.

This week, I share the best picks from Dior's 2013 jewelry collection.

(Just FYI: While researching for this post, I realized that the Dior stitching that we know and love actually has a name: It's called "Cannage".)

Newest Collection: My Dior
My Dior Ring in Yellow Gold & Diamonds (Available in Pink and White Gold)
Bois de Rose Pink Gold with Pink Diamonds
Oui Mimioui Thread Ring in Yellow Gold & Emerald
Oui Ring in White Gold & Diamond Accent
Oui Earrings in Pink Gold & Morganites
Miss Dior in White Gold & Aquamarine Stone Ring
Rose Dior Pre Catelan Ring in Yellow Gold & Red Coral (Buy Now for 19,400 AED)
Rose Dior Pre Catelan Ring in Pink Gold & Pink Quartz (Buy now for 34,600 AED)
Grenouille Ring in Gold & Yellow Chrysophrase
Gourmande Earrings in White Gold & Aquamarines, Mother of Pearl and Pink Sapphire
Gourmet Link Ring in Yellow Gold

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