Barbie Boobs, Clitorises and the Occasional Cockroache, Here are Some of the Weirdest Jewelry You'll Ever See!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

We all know that the Internet can sometimes be a sick, sad place. But that's only because we live in a sick, sad world.

To avoid the dark side of the World Wide Web, I advise to never start a Google search with the word "weird". There are some seriously twisted people out there and they've all managed to utilize social media.

I searched for weird jewelry and decided to share my findings. Unfortunately, you will not be seeing these items on LavalierDubai.

** Warning: Pictures and Descriptions Contain Vulgarity and Inappropriateness**


The clitoris is a beautiful thing. But sometimes, it's so hard to find it because it's so small. Use this necklace as a road map for your partner. You can thank me later.

Go all Lady Gaga on everyone's ass with this steak necklace. Tip: avoid animal interaction.

Keep your neck cool during the hot summer months with this ice cube statement necklace.

Show the world just how much you love taking pictures of your food and posting them on Instagram with this crochet purse.

Another great tip for you and your partner. Instead of having the awkward conversation of what you enjoy, just wear one of these rings. You can thank me later.

We all had a pet we loved. And that pet died. What better way to commemorate your loved one than to wear their corpse around your neck?

An fun DIY project with grandma.

God gave you a beautiful, symmetric face. Show Him you a disagree.

Barbie tits & ass jewelry... Show Mattel how much you miss this childhood staple.


Got a pest problem at home? Don't just exterminate them, start putting them to some good use!

Got a partner that NEVER remembers to change the toilet role? Give them this as a constant reminder.

Don't worry, there's nothing wrong with your browser.

This is not so much odd as it is nostalgic. What girl didn't rock these bad boys during the early 2000's?


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