The World's Highest Paid Super Models

Monday, July 2, 2012

I am so sorry, but this is FUCKING BULLSHIT!

I woke up at 6am every morning for the 16 years to go to school. My parents spent thousands of dollars sending me to the best universities in the world! When I was done with the whole ordeal, I got job and worked my ass off trying to make end's meet.

But these women put some funky clothes on and then they walk! That's it. They walk down an isle! Some walk with an attitude, some walk with huge wings attached to their backs. Some might give a flirty, flying kiss at the end. And some, well they look like skeletons from a horror movie.

And, to top it all off, they make more money than I will ever dream of!

I wouldn't say that about celebrities like Julia Roberts or Angelina Jolie. Those women get paid the big bucks because making movies is hard and not everyone can be a good actor.

Walking is not hard! A 10-month old can do what these models can do.

And if you see the list, all the models are making like 10 million dollars or less.

Then BAM! Gisele comes in and blows everyone out the water... Scroll down to see the absolutely ridiculous amount she made last year.

Anyways, here's the list...

10. Candice Swanepoel $3.1 Million

 9. Carolyn Murphy $3.5 Million

8. Lara Stone $3.8 Million 

7. Miranda Kerr $4 Million

6. Alessandra Ambrosio $6.6 Million

5. Doutzen Kroes $6.9 Million

 4. Adriana Lima $7.3 Million
3. Natalia Vodianova $6.9 Million

 2. Kate Moss $9.2 Million

1. Gisele Bundchen $45 Million (WTF?!)


  1. No my friend, you weren't trying to "make end's meat." You were trying to make ends meet.

    And is it just me or are models today nothing to write home about? I mean, they're ok looking. But if I saw one walking down the street I wouldn't think "Hey, there goes a supermodel!"

  2. Thanks for the heads up Jeremiah!

    I think they are beautiful and contrary to popular belief they are smart.... otherwise they wouldn't be making millions. But it's just simply too much money for such a simple job....

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