I Found a Staple in My Order From Soy!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Soy is an Asian restaurant in Dubai, located in Ibn Battuta Mall and JBR and I am writing this post after the crappy service I received today.

I ate at the Ibn Battuta location two weeks ago for the first time and loved everything about the restaurant. The food is yummy (but really oily), the customer service is great and if you are a Citibank cardholder, you get 15% off the entire bill.

Also, the prices are pretty decent.

I didn't think it was the cleanest place on earth, but I didn't complain.

So naturally, I took their menu and ordered from them. And what a mistake that was! I will never eat there again and I don't recommend you do either.

First off, the order was an hour and a half late. I called the restaurant about 5 times before anyone bothered to answer me and when someone finally did, the person assured me the driver will be there momentarily. And by momentarily, he meant a half hour after I called.

When I asked the driver why he was late, he made some mumbling noise and never answered me clearly.

Then, finally... when I was digging into my food, which was cold, I started chewing on something hard. I took it out and it was a STAPLE! As in the staple from a STAPLER!

What in God's name was a USED staple doing in the kitchen?!

I was shocked so I decided to write a post about it here and anywhere else we can comment about the restaurant because something like that can be really dangerous! Imagine this happened to a child!

Just terrible!


  1. Dear Mrs. 7oss,

    I do agree with you that eating out - regardless how sophisticated the restaurant might be - has its own drawbacks. You wait for your food; you don’t know how clean the kitchen is.

    I personally solved this problem simply by learning how to cook, cooking is very easy for those who are trained (like myself)........... besides, there are easy-to-do meals that can be prepared even by a career woman like you (I assume). Cooking is not only an enjoyment to do, but also saves you the weary trip in a hot & humid weather.

    I don't know if you have any children, but if you already do (or might have in the near future)rest assured that restaurants can (and won’t) solve your children’s nutrition matters.

    Internet is a good information source to start, If you can read & understand Arabic, I recommend “fatafeat” channel.

  2. Did You call them and tell them? I hope you didnt eat it, he probably dropped it on the floor on the way over. Ew!!