Review - Cheaper than the Malls

Friday, July 27, 2012

Here's another review of a online shopping site that sells items for MUCH less than the mall.

My co-worker recently ordered these black Tory Burch shoes for 50% less than at Harvey Nichols or the Tory Burch store.

Even if she wanted to pay full price, there are NEVER any sizes! Staple fashion items like black ballets flats are sold out instantly in Dubai so sometimes, you don't have a choice BUT to buy online.

My advice for shoppers in the UAE? If you like it, buy it on the spot or you might miss out!

I saw the whole process of her ordering and it was simple and easy. The shoes were delivered, via Shop N' Ship, in less than a week. The Shop N' Ship price for delivering this item? 80 AED ($22).

If you haven't checked yet, you are getting ripped off by the malls! And the best news it's free shipping for international orders above $150.

But be really careful: there are customs and duties fees when your order reaches Dubai. I am almost certain that for any shipment with a price of 1,000AED ($272) and above, you will have to pay a certain fee.

Not sure how it's calculated but it won't be too much. For my Fendi purchase from, I paid 311 AED ($85) for a purse costing me 1,005 Euros.

Happy Shopping!



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