Nicolas & Jean Beauty Salon Review: Not Bad

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Nicolas & Jean Beauty Salon

Media City, Media 1 Hotel, Ground Floor

Tel: +971-444-04828
Fax: +971-440-4827

Overall, the salon looked clean and I didn't see anything nasty enough to blog about. No hair on the floor, no smell of chemicals and it was properly ventilated. During my manicure, the esthetician used new tools straight out the bag which she assured me were disinfected and sterilized. I am not sure if she washed the soaking bowl before she put my hands in there, but it also looked fine.

Quality of Services 
What I loved about this place is that they have a wide array of Essie nail polishes and that happens to be my favorite brand. It's nice to see a huge selection since not many salons have them because they are expensive.

Since I am usually in a hurry and hate to stay at the salon for hours, I really put a lot of emphasis on how timely they can get my nails done. And I was done in 45 minutes which isn't bad but I'd rather it be done earlier. 

My manicure was OK, but was sub par if you compare it to the price.

Customer Service
I was a bit late for my appointment because I had to finish a report and when I walked in, the receptionist gave me a really nasty look. She was frowning and mumbling and I couldn't even hear her. Basically, she was giving me major attitude. I know I was late and I should have called, but Jesus lady, crack a smile!

My esthetician was really cute and I enjoyed chatting with her.

The prices are bit much but I guess could be considered reasonable for the Dubai Marina / Media City area. 120AED ($33) is typical for a manicure and pedicure but I didn't feel I was getting the star treatment.


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  3. Hi chrysalisbodyandbeauty, Your welcome. It's so important for a spa to have good hygiene as it can cause some serious diseases!

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