My New Fendi Chameleon Shopper in Periwinkle Review

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Name: Fendi Chameleon Textured Leather Shopper

Specifications: Dark periwinkle blue textured leather shopper with a gold-toned logo flap-over strap. Hidden magnetic snap underneath. Double stitched seam down the front and back. Double top handles with gold-toned hardware at the base. Light and dark brown striped logo lining with two internal sections and a zippered pocket in the middle. One back wall zipped pocket and two front wall slot pockets. Gold-toned protective feet on the bottom.
  • Calf leather
  • Height 30cm-12" x Width 40cm-16" x Depth 14cm-5-5"
  • Handle drop approx. 15cm-6"
  • Designer color name: Light Blue + Gold

I've been eying a new designer bag to add to my growing collection because I feel like spoiling myself. I have already purchased a Vuitton a few months back and I was happy with it but I wanted something that you don't see around too often. After months of searching, I decided on the Fendi Chameleon Textured Leather Shopper in Blue. I usually opt for black or brown bags but decided that this kind of blue because I can wear it in all seasons.

I found it online but I was too worried about purchasing a luxury item worth more than $1,000 from a random website. I was afraid I would be paying for a replica, or the website would be a sham...etc. So, I headed to the Fendi store at the Mall of the Emirates, and there it was! Just sitting there begging me to purchase it.

I asked the saleswoman how much it was, thinking the difference between the amount at the store and online would be minimal.

O.M.G how wrong I was!

Turned out the Fendi store was selling it for $725 more! SEVEN HUNDRED AND TWENTY FIVE! That's a whole new bag altogether! On the website, I paid $1,281 with shipping and $85 customs fees. I was shocked to see that at the mall, the exact same bag was selling for $2,095. I thought it may come in difference sizes but she assured me it was just one size in this model.

I can understand why some men and women wouldn't buy clothes online: it's risky and they might look terrible. Also, returns are a pain in the butt and are usually paid for by the customer.  But buying a purse is different than buying apparel and it could save you tons of money.

After this experience, I will definitely buy all my designer bags from a legitimate website rather than the traditional brick-and-mortar stores at the mall.


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