EmiratiBeauty's Craziest Jeffery Campbell Shoes

Monday, June 18, 2012

If it's getting boring south of your ankles, you might want to check out this website... but I warn you, don't visit this online shop if you have an unyielding shoe fetish and a credit card.

It's been a while since someone revolutionized the shoe. Everything you see nowadays is nude or black, no one is being experimental anymore and to be honest, I am getting BORED of the same old crap!

That's why I am so amazed by Jeffery Campbell and his amazing shoes! I would love to see a retailer bring in his collection in the U.A.E because they are not so much shoes as they are pieces of art.

Check out my favorite pairs and if you know where we can find Jeffery Campbell shoes in Dubai, let us know in the comments section!

PS. I havne't shopped at Solestruck.com, I just LOVE their stock!