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Saturday, May 19, 2012

I made my very first purchase at last week and I must say I am so incredibly impressed by the quality and timely delivery of the shipment.

This site has it all: from shoes, to accessories to clothes ranging from USD30 to USD500. So there’s something for everyone.

The website is so easy to use and the pictures of the products are high-res and can be zoomed to see the tiniest of details.

Since my experience was excellent, I didn’t use the customer service. If you have, please leave your experience in the comments section.

I bought three dresses from them, all for the total of USD192 without shipping (keep in mind that USD192 wouldn't buy 3 dresses if you were shopping at any mall in Dubai or the Middle East!)

Since it was the first time using the site, I decided to take the expedited shipping option because I didn't want to wait for my package and worry that I made a horrible mistake. The shipping was a standard USD36.36 and it was supposed to be in Dubai in 2-3 business days. If 36USD is too steep for you and you can wait 7-9 business days, then choose the free shipping option - that's what I am going to do the next time I buy from Asos since they are so reliable.

I placed my order on May 8 and I received it May 10! They said that was the estimated time in the email confirmation I received seconds after checking out. For me, if I receive an email confirmation much later or not at all, I get incredibly worried.

The packaging wasn't at all glamorous and was small (35cm wide) considering it was holding 3 dresses in it. I believe they make it that way to get the lowest shipping rate possible, which is more than fine by me.

Now, let's talk quality and sizing, the two things I most worried about when I go online shopping. 

The quality was really good for the price. All my dresses were below USD100 each and looked more expensive (but not by a lot). If you want to check the quality of the dress, you should scrutinize the high-resolution pictures the site provides. Those are vital during the shopping process. Asos is great at these pictures since they also provide a "catwalk" view, where you can see a model strutting on a catwalk wearing the dress you want to buy. This is beneficial for anyone who wants to see how it looks "live".

Sizing, however, was much trickier. Out of the three dresses, I had to give away one to my sister since it was HUGE. Even though they were all the same brand (Asos brand and not anything else) and all of them were the same size (12UK), not all of them fit! I was so upset that the white dress I bought (pictured below) was too big, even though I followed their size chart to the tee. My advice is to be very careful when you choose a size if you shop at Asos or any other website.  

All in all, it is an amazing site and I will definitely be making more purchases from them in the future!

Have you ever used Share your experience below!



  1. Hi, thanks for the review. I've used asos twice when in Europe and satisfied with it's speed of delivery.

    But I'm worried about the delivery service they would have in the Middle east, since here there is no definite address.

    A question is about putting our address in the delivery address. What do you put in the delivery address form? The PO box or just the office name where I want my purchases delivered?
    Could you share that?


  2. hello I put my work address as is with the building name, floor and P.O. box number of the company. that's all... it was delivered to my office right away.

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