My Bag Spa in Dubai – Clean & Consign Your Designer Bags!

Monday, April 30, 2012

I've been obsessing over used designer bags for months now and I haven't really found a website that I could trust. There are several decent used handbags websites out there (most in the US), but I would much rather see and touch the merchandise before I commit hundreds of dollars. I also want to inspect every inch of it, not just the pictures the websites provide.

Some of the bags on these websites are also under the “final sale” category, which means I can’t return them. Even if I could, the shipping costs are usually borne by the buyer, which is a huge pain!
So I concluded that the only way for me to buy a good “pre-loved” bag is to find one in Dubai. And today, after MONTHS of looking, I finally found a boutique that sells designer bags on consignment.
Stain on my leather tote

It was such a happy accident! I have a two bags, one designer and one not, that are in very bad shape. The have stains, discoloration and are too dirty to wear out. It was about time that I had them professionally cleaned.

In comes My Bag Spa. I don’t recall how I got their number, but most likely I Googled it ages ago. As soon as I finished work today, my husband picked me up and we went to Jumeira Center on Jumiera Road.

It’s such an amazing and trendy shop! I was also really impressed by the wide range of used designer handbags! They carry all kinds of brands: Gucci, Fendi, Miu Miu and even Chanel… All selling at great prices!

Unfortunately, they couldn’t help me out with my stain situation because the oil mark has set and it would be fruitless to attempt its removal. But I really couldn’t care less since I found a reliable used handbag consignment store in the U.A.E!

So, if you have designer bags you want to sell or you want to buy luxury at slashed prices, then My Bag Spa is the best way to go! If you want to consign your bag, the store will take a 25% commission once the bag is sold.
Used Handbags like Fendi & Gucci
Entrance of My Bag Spa
Cute Decor
Contact Information:

Shop Number 20, 1st Floor, Jumeirah Centre, Jumeirah Road, Dubai, U.A.E.

+971 (0)4 3440099
+971 (0)4 3444218

Opening Hours: Sat - Thurs: 10 am to 9 pm (Closed on Friday and Public Holidays)



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