Want To Become a Jewelry Professional? Get Certified in the UAE!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

When I started my online wholesale jewelry store in Dubai, I never imagined one day wanting to create my own designs. But more and more, I am feeling the need to make something: to bead, to string, to draw... I've been dabbling in designing my own collection for a while, but after watching countless YouTube videos, I realized I needed professional help (for my jewelry work that is).

Being in the jewelry industry makes people assume that you know everything there is to it (and that should be the case if you want to be successful!)

I've been in situations where my friends and co-workers ask me about a certain gemstone, or the clarity of their diamond or what the difference is between gold plated or gold filled? Often times, I would just BS my way through my answer, hoping they won't Google it and find out I'm completely clueless.

Thus, I began my jewelry knowledge journey. I started off with iBooks and bought every book imaginable about the subject. I familiarized myself with the big dogs in the industry (Cartier, DeBeers, Van Cleef) and focused on some of the newer, less known designers. But of course, I am still learning and sharing my knowledge on this blog. And I need to study the subject academically.

So, if you are looking to get a proper certificate or degree in the UAE in any jewelry related field, read on to find out how you can get started.

International Gemological Institute
IGI is an international diamond and gemstones grading laboratory based in Antwerp, Belgium. They've been in the jewelry-certifying business since the 1970's and are the one of the oldest labs in Europe.

They began offering jewelry related courses both online and off since the early 2000's in several locations, including Dubai. The courses vary in duration and at the end you will be certified in:
Tuition for the above courses are pretty steep, totaling to 23,000 AED ($6,270) for the entire module. But you can also register for the e-learning course, which is relatively cheaper and is self-paced. That will set you back 2,700 AED ($750).

ESMOD Dubai 
ESMOD is the only fashion-dedicated institute in the UAE. Although they specialize in fashion design and pattern-making, they do offer a jewelry workshop for beginners. The tuition for a 1 month workshop is 6,500 AED ($1,800) and you will learn beading and jewelery-making techniques as well as creating mood boards and concept creation.

National Institute for Vocational Training (AKA Damas University)

NIVE was established in 2006 to provide students with the opportunity to gain specific job competencies geared to enhancing their employ-ability. Shockingly, they have an extensive jewelry business development program fully funded by Damas Jewelry. The 2-year Higher National Diploma (HND) is inclusive of all things related to jewelry and the jewelry business. Not only do they give classes in design but they also include business courses on how to manage your own jewelry company!

Out of all the above programs, I feel this is the most comprehensive as well as the most reputable. Unfortunately, not much is known about the tuition but you can contact them and inquire here.

Do you know of other online/offline jewelry diplomas or certificates? Got a review to share with us? Let us know in the comments section below or email us at sales@lavalierdubai.com.


  1. Dear Lavalier Dubai,
    thank you for refering to our ESMOD Dubai Jewelry Design Course.
    Unfortunately we currently do not have a course in Jewelry Design open and we can not provide a starting date for the next one yet.
    But we have many short courses for Fashion Design, Makeup and Perfume starting in January 2014. For more info please visit www.esmod-dubai.com
    Kind regards, ESMOD Dubai Team

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