More People Scammed by PurseValley and it's Owner, Eva Knox

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Purse Valley changes URLs to escape designer lawsuits 

I wrote a post exposing Eva Knox and her blog Spot Bags last year and got a overwhelming response from her victims. Online shoppers have trusted her as a great source of online shopping reviews and unfortunately, she's a scam!

The posts are mainly user reviews of replica handbag sites. I am sure she has a huge following as detailed images and first-hand accounts are hard to find. Especially for shoddy Chinese websites.

Even though she has a myriad of posts, she seems to give only one an A+ rating: Purse Valley (aka PV). But lawsuits against replica sites like PV show that she is, in fact, the owner! Also, her blog URL is .cn, which is the country code top-level domain for mainland China.

And although several readers have discredited her, she still gets questions from unsuspecting fans on what is the best place to shop for replica purses. Which, of course, is always PV.

The fundemental aspect of a review blog is it's impartiality and objectiveness. The information should be based on real information, not profit. 

That's why here on LavalierDubai, I always review online merchants. I have done several so far like, and to ensure the website's legitimacy.

There are also a lot of way to shop safely and securely. I've been shopping online for almost 8 years and never once was scammed or my identity stolen. (knock on wood!)

If you have used any replica bag sites, or any other sites for that matter, let me know how it went.




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